Getting Noticed

The starting point

It has to be said that the hardest part of writing a book is getting it noticed afterwards. If you are an author and want to self publish the chances are you will then be encumbered with the strategy and marketing. This is worlds away from writing a book, even if your book is about marketing, writing about it is a lot different to actually doing it. For one thing the mindset is different.

As part of our service we provide our published authors with access to our Marketing pack, Its an online guide to how to get your book seen, how to do effective giveaways, how to position yourself and more importantly your book to make an impact.

Why online many ask us. Well yes we could have printed and bound a nice book on the subject, or sent out a large email about it, but being online means it is searchable, it is fluid and can change as trends and behavours chnage, it can grow and reflect the markets.