Finding It-666, The Beast

Born on the 06/06/1996 in London, the young It is a sweet sixteen supernatural Being at the start of her Saga.
Branded as the Beast and dubbed as the Antichrist, she had an unusual and terrible childhood.
Abducted at birth by an Irish catholic priest, Arthur Williamson and a Portuguese nun Theresa Da Priera, she was hidden from all to protect the world. In the winter of that year, they took the six months old infant to the Black forest of Germany, where the nun looked after It-666 in a log cabin deep in the woods.
There the nameless child grew up, exorcised every night by the nun, yet discovering her strange powers little by little. However, the hunt to track down It-666 never ceased and after the torturous murder of Father Williamson by the henchmen of the incarnated Deamon, the infamous politician P, they managed to localise the child as being in the Black forest. On her fifth birthday they attempted to abduct her, killing her guardian the nun Tess. However the upset little girl, distressed by the death of Theresa, fought them off, using for the first time and discovering her deadly powers. Combusting the four henchmen to death, the distraught Being ran away from the scene, creating tremors at her every step, realising she was something, someone powerful and completely unnatural.

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Her wild fury ceased as she encountered another supernatural Being there to stop her on her track. The Being, called the Tutor, soothing the young girl, offered her guidance and taught her the control of her dangerous power. His influence is tremendous upon the growing creature, who is been told to remain hidden in the wood and to live in peace in the forest like all the other wild beast. From five up until eight years old, the little It-666 roam like a feral Being in her woods, intermittently meeting the Tutor, who always seemed to appear from nowhere, teaching her his wisdom.

However, temptation knocked on her door as a bus full of school children visited her forest. The young Being wanted to be with the other little children, be like them and play. She ran to them only to discover she is different, that she is being teased for it and to be taken away from the wood by a teacher proud to have found a feral kid. Handing the girl to the authorities who placed the child in a mental institute, the teacher’s discovery made sensational news. However it paled in comparison to a nurse’s discovery of the branded mark of the Beast upon the child. She did not advertise the fact on the news or publish it; she notified the find only to the highest bidder for the young Antichrist, which happened to be evil politician P.

Abducted from her psychiatric ward, the eight years old is flown to the USA, where she reached her new bedroom, a small cage under a pentagram in a bunker. She spent the next eight years of her life, hidden from light, tortured every day to reveal her powers. Stamina, strength, instruction, the Being managed to hide her great destructive powers from P and his torturers. Weathering away, she loses all will to live if she is meant to be used to destroy everything. In a bid to die in peace and starve to death, she sent P on a wild goose chase back to Germany, telling him during a torture session that there was another child with her mark. Left alone for a while, in her cage, It-666 waiting for her death and last breath, is discovered by PI, former human rights lawyer, and Atheist, Walter Workmaster.

Saving the young Being from her misery, Walter drove her to his first port of call in any emergency, the clinic of his brother in law Gabriel Purallee, and his ex-wife Caroline Purallee. For It-666, she is moved deeply by her encounter with Walter, the first human who treats her with care and respect despite her Beast branding. He offers her hope, trust and much more which only confirms to her that she does not want to be used to annihilate humanity, and that she is probably better dead than alive to prevent anything to happen in the future.

Walter unaware of the great hidden World out there discovers things as they are, simply by having brought It-666 back to light, yet he remains her staunch advocate in the firm belief to give her Supernatural Being a chance to be whoever she desires to be despite everyone else concern, expectations or assumptions. He realises that Angels and Demons walk the Earth as incarnated human Beings, that their powers are at play against each other’s and affecting humans directly. He finds out that his own brother in law, Doctor Purallee is in fact the Archangel Gabriel, who has been his assigned guardian Angel for many years, and that his humble dysfunctional family has deeply sustained Angelic connections…

Of her first firm human friend, Walter, It-666 gathers that she can draw her own destiny, that she may not be a fated doom for humanity that she has the freedom of choice and that her own choices have to be driven solely by her own heart and by no one else. Therefore, the young It joins her forces to the Angelic Army that protects the Earth. Because of the strong defence Workmaster provided her, she is given the benefit of the doubt, a chance to live upon their rules by the tough incarnated Angels. She falls under the orders of their leader, the Archangel Raphael, known by his family as Uncle Raph but to all as Uncle Wrath, a powerful universal agent bringing the justice of high above upon Earth, and particularly she is assigned to his notorious henchman, the Angel of Death, Azryel Mortimer. But despite the security of their guidance, raising her up will never be a straight walk in the park.

Incarnated evil Deamon P, the infamous Paul Peterson, hatched a plan to retrieve his ‘Antichrist’. Knowing that Workmaster took the girl away from his bunker, he get the son of Walter abducted, little Michael, in order to bargain an exchange. Little did he know that the child was also part of the incarnated Angels, one to become Archangel Michael, closely related to Raphael and Gabriel. Little did he know that the abduction would launch a rescue mission performed by It-666, revealing herself as the Beast, Hell’s gateway, which erased his bunker to the ground doing so. The young It was on her first mission accompanied by her new Angelic guides upon Earth, Wrath and Death. As she provided the diversion and disappearance of P’s bunker, the place of her tortured past, Wrath collected his future main soldier, Workmaster’s son, Michael, while Death claimed the heads of two henchmen of P, leaving only one alive to announce the news to the dark politician.

In spite of his defeat, in spite of the successful feat of the Angels to hide It-666 and Workmaster from him, Paul Peterson vows to kill Walter and get his Antichrist back. He performs a black mass ceremony finding back his pentagram that lay deep in the dark forest of his former bunker, which will allow the very father of the Antichrist direct communication to his daughter’s mind. As human blood is drawn, far away from the place, the sleeping It receives her first darkest calling ever from Hell witnessed by her three angelic guardians…’It’ raises many questions yet again, and one comes foremost, can she be raised and given the same chance as any teenager?

Can she be let to be?

Finding It-666, The Beast

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Published 21st December 2014

Born on the 06/06/1996 in London, the young It is a sweet sixteen supernatural Being of a special kind, one meant to bring the end of the human world: the Beast incarnated, the Antichrist. Fall 2012, the Beast was found. From the deep darkness of her hole, she is raised up to the light. From her closed cage below a pentagram made of blood, she is freed. The human who found her, Walter Workmaster, is a firm atheist, a private investigator and former human rights lawyer who becomes her staunch advocate. Adopting the lost It, the man released her to his world to make her face humanity and unknowingly much more... The advent of the Beast has started. Step one, she is found.

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